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Winter of 2015

Many parents these days are concerned because their children spend too much time in front of the television or on a cell phone. These same parents would like to see their kids read more and for good reason.. Educators agree that children who read well perform better in all their school studies. They are also more confident and successful in life skills. Charlie Munger, billionaire partner of Warren Buffet, is fond of saying, "I never met a wise man who didn't read".
When parents need help influencing their children to read, Will James provides a valuable solution, since he wrote some books especially for young readers. Several adults have described to me how they learned to love to read after being introduced as youngsters to Will James books. The thrilling adventures James described of ranch life inspired them to be curious and to learn more, which then led to a life-time of learning and achievement.
For starters, interested parents or grandparents could begin with "Big Enough", which is a book James wrote in 1931, and is a favorite of many young readers. It describes "Little Billy" who soon proved he was big enough for any challenge he encountered on the ranch. The coveted "Big Enough" award, given by your Society for outstanding service, was inspired by this particular book.
You'll also want to introduce your children to the "Uncle Bill" series of books, beginning with "Uncle Bill A Tale of Two Kids and a Cowboy". It is a short novel that is full of instruction on the real skills that Cowboys need to be competent hands with horses and cattle. In1935, Will James wrote "In the Saddle with Uncle Bill", another novel that carries on the characters in the first novel. Also in 1935, James wrote "Young Cowboy" another fine story well received by young readers. "Cowboy in the Making" came out in 1937 and was intended as a children's book. There're eleven separate stories in this book, and all would make nice bedtime stories. "Look-See with Uncle Bill " came out in 1938 and continues with adventures on Uncle Bill's ranch.
An important part of the Will James Society mission is to get these books into the hands of young read-ers.
Thanks to our Will James supporters, we have a healthy inventory of Will James books that are ready to be gifted to public schools and libraries. We are actively seeking individuals who would volunteer to be area chairmen to help organize distri-butions of Will James books in their local area. It's fun to present these wonderful books to children and
participate in their enthusiasm. This is the essence
of supporting the Will James mission.
If interested please call me at 913-244-2142.
Gary Verhaeghe, President ~ Will James Society
P.S. I would love to hear from you with
comments on our work.

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