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From time to time we get letters or notes in the mail, or email, attached to membership renewals or by themselves that contain information or items that may be of interest to the membership. We share them here with permission from the writers.

He Started with Smokey

As a youth I read all the books by Will James. I started with SMOKEY The Cowhorse. I was sent to a junior high school in Arizona where we kept our own horses. I was green from the east and my horse was a bay gelding. In spite of his color I named him "Smokey". Will James inspired me to become a cowboy, so upon graduation from a high school in Vermont, where my father had sent me to get into Dartmouth, to which I didn't apply, I went to a cowboy job in Alberta, Canada. When I revealed my planned intentions to my father and my refusal to apply to Dartmouth he asked, "Are you going to be a goddamn cowboy the rest of your life?"
"I might be," I replied. I became a cowboy and worked in Alberta, Canada, Sheridan County, Wyoming, and Arizona. Later, I had ranches in southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. I bought Mexican corrientes for exportation to the United States. For a time I raised registered quarterhorses on my ranch near Nogales, Arizona. Another inspiration from Will James has been and still is a career as a writer. I write the way Will James did without phony stories and what I call "Horse Manure and Gunsmoke" that is far from the real west. I have 24 published books, three non-fiction and the rest fiction and poetry. In addition to books published I have around a hundred short stories and poems in print. I am pleased to have discovered The Will James Society and feel very happy to be a member of such an organization with a sincere goal.

John Duncklee
Las Cruces, NM 88005

website : www.johnduncklee.com
email: jpduncklee@earthlink.net

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